The FireBootCamp Certified Developer (Angular) assessment is available to anyone who wished to validate their knowledge of how to build complex software products using Angular 2.

The assessment is exhaustive and rigorous. The test-taker will be required to apply their knowledge of Angular 2 to solve a real work scenario, and present their application in a professional manner.

Taking a course is not required. While taking a FireBootCamp course is highly recommended, if you feel you already possess a high level of knowledge, you have the option to take the FBC Certified Developer assessment directly.

The FBC Certified Developer assessment is based upon the key concept areas taught in the FireBootCamp Angular Course, but does not cover Authentication with Auth0 or Payments using Stripe.


  1. You will be given a written requirement.A sample requirement is included at the bottom of this page.
  2. Submit your code by adding it to a git repository on
  3. Record a 6 minute video and publish it on YouTubeTne video is to include:
    • a 2 minute demonstration of the working application
    • a 4 minute highlight of the most important concepts learnt showing the relevant code
  4. Send an appointment to your mentor and the head mentor to review your application and video
  5. You receive ONE (1) opportunity to resubmit your code and video based on the feedback provided
  6. If your code and video are regarded as meeting the expectations of a ‘FBC Certified Developer’ you will be granted the certification.
  • Open to anyone who can demonstrate professional Angular 2 skills
  • You are given a mystery requirement
  • You build the solution on your own
  • Your solution is reviewed, and feedback provided
  • If your solution makes the customer happy, you’ve passed.


Fee: $400 per attempt (1st attempt included in FireBootCamp Angular Course)
Time limit: 1 week
Format: Assignment + Video + Q & A
Difficulty: Intermediate
Language: English only
Recommended course: FireBootCamp Angular

What tools do you recommend using for recording the videos and sharing to YouTube?

You can use any tool that allows you to record video and voice and then share it on YouTube.

If you do not already have a tool for doing this, SnagIt by TechSmith allows you to easily capture and share images and videos. It also has a 15 day free trial.

What happens at the code review?

A code review will be scheduled where your submission will be reviewed in an online meeting.

You will be asked to explain your thinking in how you build the application.

You will need to be able to explain all of the code in the application.

A failure to be able to explain all the code in the solution will indicate possible cheating and may result in immediate failure.**

You will be provided feedback on your code, and your application.

How is my solution graded?

Your solution will be evaluated as per the following Requirements

a. it satisfies the user requirements

b. it follows the best practices as per SSW Rules to Better Angular 2 and The Angular Style Guide

c. it is of a standard that would be reasonable to expect payment for if it were a commercial application. This includes having a user-interface that is simple but professional.

Do I get a certificate?

Students who meet the requirements will be awarded

  • A paper certificate
  • A digital certificate and logo that can be added to their LinkedIn Profile

Sample application

  • You are required to build an application to be used to manage schools.
  • You need to track Students and Classes.
  • Each Student requires the following information: Firstname, Lastname, Gender, Birthdate, Address, City, State, Postcode, Preferred Sport
  • Each class requires the following: Class name (e.g. 7 red), Teacher Name, Grade
  • The application requires the ability to enter classes, and then add students to classes.
  • The application also needs a screen where you can search for a particular student by name and find out what class they are in.
  • An admin section of the application is required with a screen for maintaining the list of states and the list of preferred sports. (Authentication & Security is not required for this initial implementation but will be added in the next phase by someone else).

Getting Started

If you want to get certified without doing the FireBootCamp Angular course, contact us.

If you are a FireBootCamp student, your mentor will discuss this with you after you have completed the FireBootCamp Angular course.