The FireBootCamp Graduate program has been designed to take university graduates from the classroom to being a productive member of a development team. The 6 month program helps students accelerate the time it takes to get the experience they require in the industry.

The program helps companies with graduates turn them into productive members of their team in a 6 month period.

Program Outline

Sprint 1

Sprint 1

Duration: 9 weeks // Cost: $9,000 + GST

The first sprint is the FireBootCamp Ultra Program. This is a 9 week intensive training program where students are trained, mentored and then complete 7 one week sprints to build a real world project working in scrum teams. At the end of the boot camp the students will present their work at our Gala Day.

Sprint 2

Sprint 2

Duration: 8 weeks // Cost: $8,000 + GST

The second sprint has the students work on an SSW internal team. They will experience:
1. Work on a real world project
2. Have a product owner they will be accountable to
3. Work with Scrum using the latest technologies & ALM
4. Be mentored by an SSW Senior Software Developer

Sprint 3

Sprint 3

Duration: 8 weeks // Cost: $8,000 + GST

During the third sprint the students will be placed on a client project where they will work alongside an SSW senior software developer. They will experience:
1. Requirements gathering
2. Client management
3. Development tasks
4. Agile scrum teams



Mentoring is the key to making the program work. The students are not trained by professional trainers, they are trained and mentored by developers who are building real world projects. They don’t teach and mentor from theory, but from real world experiences they have gained in the last few months.

The mentors have the skills of consultants and trainers and help the students navigate their way through learning to code, work with clients and learn the skills to continuous improvement.

Real world project

One of the key components of the FireBootCamp Graduate program is the focus on building real world projects. All the training in the world will never prepare you for the real world until your start coding on projects that have real features, deadlines and stakeholders. When a student graduates the program they are ready for the real world because they have spent the last 26 weeks programming in the real world.


Each student will be trained in the latest technologies including:




Angular JS


Octopus deploy


Visual Studio


The training will be predominantly live training from FireBootCamp mentors with some video training.

Software and Hardware Requirements


A laptop with

  • 8 Gb Ram Minimum (Recommended 16)
  • Modern processor
  • 30Gb Free hard drive space


  • Visual Studio 2013 Professional
    A 90 trial version will get you through the course (Warning: installing the trial before the course may cause it to expire during the course.)
  • A PluralSight subscription to cover your JumpStart modules and to be used during the course.
  • SnagIt


During the course you will require

  • a account
  • a Windows Azure subscription

Other Software

  • LinqPad (a free version is available, but we recommend the paid version)