What is FireBootCamp?

Become 'Job Ready'

With the latest technologies and Enterprise level best practices

Intense .NET Training

Our world class Mentors can cover beginners and professionals

Australia based, World-wide

Courses available in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Online

Who is FireBootCamp for?

From the beginner to the pro, BootCamp is made for developers.

The .NET Developer

Become the MVC Rockstar you were meant to be

You're an experienced developer but have been too busy to stay up-to-date. You need to know how to use the latest technologies to build maintainable enterprise web applications.

The New .NET Developer

Close the gap between university and the real world

You're diving into the job market, but the gap between what you've been taught and the real world gets wider every year. How do you get the experience your employers are looking for?

The Development Manager

Forge your development team into first class heroes

We teach your team to work together to build scalable, maintainable enterprise web applications using the same technologies and practises used to build some of Australia's biggest web sites.

What can you expect?

You will spend 60+ hours per week learning enough .NET to get hired as a World Class beginner developer.


Master building Enterprise ASP.NET MVC applications that are maintainable, testable and scalable.

Agile Software Development

Live and breath Scrum. Go beyond and become a Scrum Master. Some even learn to be a Scrum Lord 🙂 Inspect and adapt, and you’ll never go back!

Microsoft Visual Studio 2015

We don’t just teach you to work in Visual Studio, we focus every day on learning new features to make you super productive.

Enterprise Architecture

Go beyond the simple demo solutions and learn to build real world Enterprise ASP.NET MVC applications using the Onion Architecture.

HTML 5 & CSS 3

Deepen your understanding of the essential building blocks of the web.

JavaScript & jQuery

JavaScript breaths life into web applications, making them easier to use and a lot more fun!

User Interface Jump Start

Learn awesome user interface frameworks like Telerik KendoUI and Twitter Bootstrap are essential to building UI that users will love.

The Application Life Cycle

Managing the code is only part of the job. You will learn to use Team Foundation Server 2013 for agile planning, test execution, continuous builds, source control and collaboration.

End to End Testing

Knowing which tests you need and where you need them is essential. You will where each piece of the the testing puzzle fits: Unit Testing, Integration Testing, Automated UI Testing and Exploratory Acceptance Testing.

What’s great about Boot Camp?

We love our mentoring system because it works

Learn by Doing

It is really hard to learn to code by reading books and watching videos. The best way to learn is by building something real. We set up Boot Camp to closely resemble a real work environment. You will work in a team using the Agile methods the professional use.

Flipped Classroom

Most classes give instruction to the group, then have people practice on their own. At Boot Camp, it’s the other way around: you get instruction through a curated set of videos, books and tutorials. Practice happens by applying the theory in group projects.

Intensive Learning

We pack a LOT of material into a very short time frame and set the bar very high for you. Come prepared to work harder than you’ve ever worked in your life. You will go to sleep dreaming of code. It ain’t easy, but it’s crazy fun.

Engaged Mentorship

At Boot Camp we don’t just teach you, we mentor you while you build a real app. Our mentors are seasoned .NET solution architects with years of real world enterprise experience. When you get stuck they help you over the hurdle. We also regularly have Microsoft experts drop in to mentor and train our students.

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Our Instructors

Microsoft Certified Experts in .NET

Adam Cogan

Microsoft Regional Director and Boot Camp Mentor

Adam Cogan is a Microsoft Regional Director and has traveled the world speaking at major events for 20 years. Adam has relationships with Microsoft teams that build .NET and often calls on them. Ask him about the 48 hour phone call to the SharePoint team in Redmond.

Adam 'Stevo' Stephensen

Solution Architect (MVC), Boot Camp Mentor

Adam is passionate about building awesome teams and software projects. He loves people, patterns, processes and technology. Adam spent much time this year traveling to all major capital cities in Australia training developers in ASP.NET MVC. He was born to be a Boot Camp mentor.

Gerard Beckerleg

Solution Architect and Boot Camp Mentor

Used to working under pressure, with ten years industry experience, Gerard is from the new breed of software architects who are able to combine excellent technical skills with great communication and commercial awareness. Gerard will mentor you in more than just coding.