Want to run your own FireBootCamp?

Start your own business training devs

FireBootCamp is owned by a successful software development company and has been training developers for around 20 years.

Becoming a licensee to run a FireBootCamp, you will receive all the support from us plus the following:

  • Curriculum includes PowerPoint presentations and videos on SSW TV
  • Full coded Music Store solution on Github using ASP.NET MVC and Angular JS
  • Real world project for students – Generic Spec video for CRM invoicing
  • You will receive weekly mentoring sessions with FireBootCamp mentors during your first boot camp to help you improve as you go
  • Marketing support to attract and enroll new students
  • You will pay $2,800 per student for the curriculum and support for every student you enroll. Each enrollment costs $12,000 to the student

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