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A Great Education Is Built On A Strong Framework

Keeping up to date with new technology is hard.

As a productive  programmer you will have to constantly learn new technologies to keep up to date. Yes this takes time, but the efficiencies gained by a framework is well worth the investment. They key is to learn Angular 2 as fast as possible. At FireBootCamp we help you decrease the time it takes to learn angular 2 and increase you productivity.

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Our 4 step program will take you to Angular mastery

1 Hour Webinar

The Six Essential Ingredients to Mastering Angular 2

In this webinar you will be introduced to the concepts and technologies  you will have to master to become a Rockstar Angular 2 developer.

We will explain how these essentials are connected, their importance and the best order to learnt them to build scalable, testable Angular 2 apps

FREE Webinar: Introduction to Angular 2

1 Day Test-Drive

Watch us Build Angular App in a day

If you are new to Angular 2 then the best way to discover the time it will save you and the power it gives you is to watch someone build an app.

We will not only show you how to build an app through live coding but they will explain the concepts as the progress. At the end of the day, you will have an understanding of how the components of Angular 2 fit together so you can get started learning the framework.

Test-Drive: Watch us build an App!

2 Day Workshop

Get your Hands Dirty with Angular 2

Build your first CRM app in three days  using Angular 2. You will be coached by an experienced Firebootcamp mentor who is also a current solution architect working on a production Angular 2 app when not training. Walk away with the source code, the course material and the confidence that you have built a working app.

Workshop: Get your hands dirty

6 Week Mentoring

Master Angular 2 in 6 weeks

This program is made up of a rock solid Angular 2 coursework with two one-to-one remote coaching sessions every week with an Angular 2 senior developer. The mentor will get you unstuck as you go through the coursework and propel you forward faster than any other learning method.

Mentoring: 6 Week coaching program

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Adam Stephensen

Adam is passionate about building awesome teams and software projects. He loves people, patterns, processes and technology. Adam spent much time this year traveling to all major capital cities in Australia training developers. He was born to be a mentor.

Duncan Hunter

Duncan Hunter a software architect at SSW. Making sustainable software that solves real world issues is what makes Duncan tick. He is a full stack web developer specializing in making responsive front-end applications with AngularJS, Angular 2 and TypeScript.

Loved it! You guys rock! Not many courses I’d pay for out of my own pocket. This was well worth it.

– Matt Petersen, ORIGIN

So much knowledge, Duncan did a great job explaining the complexity and show some great editor tricks!

– Lyndan Moore, Freelancer

We’re Australia’s Angular 2 trainers.

FireBootCamp is part of SSW. SSW is a consulting company that has been developing enterprise software for 25 years and been training developers for the last 15 years.

We are pretty proud of winning the Microsoft Partner Award for Excellence in Learning last year.


What is FireBootCamp?

FireBootCamp is an intensive 9-week program designed to make you “job ready”. Developers work in teams of 3 or 4 building a .NET application with an experienced mentor. Most teams will build an enterprise ASP.NET MVC applications the way that we build them at SSW for some of Australia’s largest companies.

When do I pay?

Payment should be fully paid 1 week before the commencement of the course. To secure your spot you will have to pay a $2000 deposit. If full payment is an issue, contact us and we can discuss other options.


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