Now that you’ve seen what Angular is capable of, it’s time to get into learning-by-doing.

In this 2-Day Angular Hands-on Workshop you will be building your own apps from scratch.

In this workshop we will build a CRM application with Angular using components, services, dependency injection, forms, Angular modules and lazy loaded routes. We will then cover unit tests and using the redux pattern with the ngrx library.  

By the end of this workshop you will have built a working Angular applications you can extend into an enterprise application. You will also walk away with the source code and the course material. So join us to learn to build great enterprise applications with Angular.

You can also check our 1-Day Angular Superpowers.

What’s included in this 2-Day Hands-on Workshop?

  • Two days tuition with awesome experienced Angular developers.
  • Full course material which will be updated as Angular is updated
  • Full source code for the apps you will build for later reference and to be used as best practice

Day 1:

  • Setup and Tooling
  • Introduction to Angular
  • Getting Started with the Angular CLI
  • Components and component communication
  • Debugging an application
  • Services and dependency injection
  • Introduction to RxJs
  • Angular template and reactive forms

Day 2:

  • Using HTTP Requests to talk to the server
  • State management
  • Architecture and Angular modules
  • Routing
  • Lazy loading routes
  • Bundling and deployment
  • Unit and e2e testing
  • Introduction to the Redux pattern
  • Implementing Redux pattern with NgRx

Jean Thirion

Jean is a software developer at SSW. His field of expertise is SharePoint Applications, both server-side and client-side, leveraging the latest technologies to deliver high-quality applications to clients. He is one of SSW’s Angular trainer, delivering high quality applications. He has also been involved in various ASP.Net MVC / WebAPI projects.

Highly motivated and with strong skills, he is able to understand and convert complex business requirements into software solutions. He is also able to use his expertise and experience to suggest the best practices for any given scenario.

Matt Wicks

Matt loves DevOps, DevOps and DevOps. These days he prefers GitHub Actions and Azure DevOps Build Pipelines over Octopus and Bamboo. Matt likes clean architecture, using the right tool for the job, seeing developers push changes to production with confidence, automated tests, building solutions on Azure, and now he never has to reminisce about Webforms.

Luke Cook

Luke has spent the last 15 years in the Fintech and Paytech industry, designing and building software solutions that are used by thousands of Australian businesses. He has worked closely with the ATO in many of their industry initiatives, including SuperStream and Single Touch Payroll. Luke enjoys solving complex business processes in ways that make things easy for everyday users.


Wed 20th & Thu 21st September 2022

Price: $440 inc GST
Location: SSW Brisbane
Level 1, 471 Adelaide St


Mon 26th & Tue 27th September 2022

Price: $440 inc GST
Location: SSW Melbourne
Level 1, 370 Little Bourke St


Wed 28th & Thu 29th September 2022

Price: $440 inc GST
Location: SSW Sydney
Level 1, 81-91 Military Rd
Neutral Bay, Sydney

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