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FireBootCamp was an intensive 12-week program designed to make developers “job ready”.

It is different from any other boot camp or training course because the developers work in a team building a real world .NET application with an experienced mentor teaching them every day, setting them tasks, and reviewing and improving their code.

Each team builds an enterprise NET application the way that SSW does for Australia’s largest companies.

FireBootCamp Outcomes

Students who attend FireBootCamp learn how to build .NET applications the way they should be built. Nearly every other programming course focuses on learning technologies over the correct way to implement them.

Graduates learn to build software the way we expect our software developers and architects to build them at SSW. Far more important than learning individual technologies, FireBootCamp teaches the processes, architectures, best practices and attitudes that are behind the success of SSW Solution Architects and their history of successful projects building some of the largest websites and web applications in the country.

FireBootCamp Graduates will know





EF Core + SQL Server