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These are one day seminars where you watch our developers build an app live!

$99 / 1 day

  • Food is provided

  • Bring your questions!

Angular is HTML designed for building enterprise web apps. You’ve heard it all already: cross-platform, lightweight, testable, open-source MVC JavaScript framework.

1-Day Angular Superpowers

This ain’t the .NET you know. Rewritten to be cross platform for Linux and Mac users, boasts better performance and testability – it’s even fully open-source!

1-Day .NET Superpowers

Everything’s moving to the Cloud, baby! Learn how to build web applications that are going to need less maintenance and scale to millions of users.

1-Day Azure Superpowers

The explosive growth of web frameworks and the demands of users have changed the approach to building enterprise applications. Getting started can be a daunting prospect. Let’s change that now.

1-Day Clean Architecture Superpowers