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FireBootCamp Sydney ended successfully

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It has been an amazing, intense 9 weeks, and while I’m sad that it is over, I couldn’t be more proud of the guys and what they’ve achieved. They’ve all improved in different ways: Some of them arrived with a lot of experience… now they are awesome. Some were juniors straight out of uni… they’re still juniors but now with great experience. They surely know the right way to do things. These guys could spot a smell if you wanted to architect a dodgy solution that was untestable. Some are recently arrived from India with many years of experience but…

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FireBootCamp gala day – meet the best developers on the market

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UPDATE: Gala Day is done – see how it ended 9am – 12pm AEDT, Friday March 21 2014 Suite 13, 81-91 Military Rd, Neutral Bay Australia SSW invites you to come and meet our newest FireBootCamp graduates. These developers are so passionate about coding they took 9 weeks out of their life to do nothing but code, and they are keen to show off what they have learned and created. This event gives employers the chance to see the web applications our Boot Campers have developed, speak to them in an informal setting, book appointments for interviews, and enjoy a…

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Video: FireBootCamp – Week 2 Sydney – Scrum Sprint Review

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Week 2 of FireBootCamp was a whirlwind for the students as they held their first sprint review meetings. During the sprint review they had to present the completed product backlog items to the product owner ‘Bob’ (Adam Cogan, FireBootCamp mentor in disguise) 🙂 They were challenged to deliver completed and fully tested features to the product owner on a weekly basis using the scrum methodology. Delivering features in this fashion is difficult for even the best scrum teams, so our students are learning at an extraordinary rate through practice and not just theory. Watch the video to feel the emotion…

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Video: FireBootCamp – Week 1 Sydney – Up and Running

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I’m delighted to bring you an update from week 1 of our first ever FireBootCamp, SSW’s 9 week intensive course focused on software development methodologies based on building modern web applications with ASP.NET MVC. The first week has just ended and, as the above video shows, the students are on fire! It’s always exciting to be a part of something new, and this boot camp is no exception. My highlights from the first week included the reactions from our students when showed their allocated projects, and seeing the beginnings of what I’m sure will be a very rewarding relationship between…

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Adam Cogan announces FireBootCamp

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Adam Cogan, Microsoft Regional Director and Boot Camp Mentor, gave out the details of FireBootCamp training project: “I am proud to announce the launch of the best training course we have ever done. It takes a beginner .NET developer to a “Job Ready” world class developer in 9 weeks. Long story short, they get thrown into the fire, continuously mentored, while building a real world app. They will successfully complete 4 sprints. I called it FireBootCamp.” Read the complete post at Adam’s blog: From zero to .NET hero in 9 weeks with FireBootcamp.

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