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How to expose your application’s data with Web Api – David Burela

By March 5, 2014March 11th, 2014Mentor Videos, Videos (all)

David Burela demonstrates how to expose data via Web API.

Web API allows you to share data in your application with a wide range of other devices and platforms. Web API does this by creating a “RESTful service” which is a well-known standard for exposing and consuming data.

David taught the students:

  • How to use Entity Framework code first to create a database to hold our data
  • How to expose the data in the database via Web API
  • How to interact with the Web API service by using Fiddler and sending basic HTTP commands.

This video is great for anyone who wants to know how to expose data, ready to be consumed by a variety of clients such as web, desktop or mobile apps.

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