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Introduction to SEO and Google Tools – Craig Bailey

By March 13, 2014September 12th, 2016Mentor Videos, Videos (all)

In this presentation Craig Bailey gives an introduction to search engine optimisation (SEO) and provides guidance on the best tools to use for improving & measuring the impact of your SEO activities.

Although pitched at a beginner level, the session follows an interactive format and spends considerable time answering detailed questions from developers about analytics, privacy rules, advertising best practices, remarketing and much more.

The session is broken into two parts.

Part 1 – Introduction to SEO

  • A general introduction to SEO and where it fits in overall web marketing
  • The importance of understanding the business goals of a web site (this is especially important for developers who consult to enterprise clients)
  • The key factors to optimize on web sites, and how optimizing 3 simple areas can make a big difference to Google rankings
  • An in-depth look at Google analytics and how to use the main reports
  • Understanding the robots.txt file (and the disaster that can happen when it is incorrectly implemented)
  • The value of preparing an XML sitemap

Part 2 – Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics

This session is ideal for developers who are new to SEO, and looking for hands on guidance on how to get started with site optimization, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools.

The slides are available here:

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